The International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) was founded in 1991 as a forum through
which women judges from all over the world can convene, share experiences and seek solutions that
will collectively influence global and domestic jurisprudence. The IAWJ currently comprises over four
thousand members representing over ninety countries. The IAWJ holds a global convention once
every two years and continental (regional) conventions once every two years. The Kenya Women
Judges Association (KWJA) is an affiliate of the IAWJ and was selected to host of the 2017 IAWJ
Africa Region Conference. The conference themed “Women Judges Enabling Sustainable
Development Goals: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies”. This was the second time KWJA
hosted an IAWJ Conference since its inception 23 years ago.
The 2017 IAWJ-Africa Region Conference was held from 16 th to 20 th May, 2017 at Safari Park Hotel,
Nairobi Kenya. The conference provided a platform for women Judges from Kenya, Uganda,
Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Benin, Zambia, Trinidad and Tobago,
Argentina, USA, and Mexico, to deliberate on the role of women judges in enabling sustainable
development goals. This was done through addressing the following topics: Women in the justice
system: the poverty question; Gender vulnerability in conflict situations; Emerging issues in
legislation on SGBV; Gender issues in the electoral process; Women in leadership: Sustainable
stakeholder engagements and partnerships; and Women leadership in the judiciary.

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